Age Defying Exercises

by : JohanT

They also the only means for achieving our true potential and happiness in our life and slow down the aging process.

As a 58 year old Baby Boomer, having always been very aware of growing old and having lived in one of the most prosperous and technically advanced times the world has ever known, I am absolutely abhorred to see how many of my fellow Baby Boomers appear to struggle with their health and their weight when I walk in the shopping centres and streets of Brisbane, Australia. Many of us seem to overlook the fact that bad health and obesity really speeds up the aging process and makes you look and feel many years older than you really are.

Since serving in the Dutch Royal Marine Corps Special Forces as a young man, I have always looked upon life as a never ending battle; a battle of the mind over the body and vice versa. Fighting the aging process in the body is also a never ending battle and demands a balanced mind, time, effort and common sense.

In the Special Forces courses of the SAS, Royal Marines SBS and Navy SEALS it becomes very apparent in the first few days of the course that the only way you are going to ever pass is to teach your mind to control your body. The other way around and you are sure to fail the course.

The same principle applies in every day life.

Our body and our mind are intricately linked through our energy or meridian systems; when either one is weak or out of balance the other suffers. In fact, our emotions are so strongly connected to our physical being that they can elicit tangible physical responses and vice versa. (And this becomes very evident in the SBS/SEAL training).

Richard Gerber (1988), author of "Vibrational Medicine" goes even further by suggesting that physical disease may actually begin at the energy level and then eventually shows up in the physical body. Because science has discovered that everything in our world and universe is made of energy, including ourselves, and that it is energy that connects us to each other and everything else in our world, Richard Gerber's suggestion tends to make sense.

Being able to balance your energy meridians in your body in conjunction with your mind is an important step forward in the process of slowing down the ageing process and to regain better emotional and physical health. In order to do so however, you need to learn and then apply the Energy Psychology techniques of EFT and apply regular short burst mind-body exercises in your life. Only then will you be able to help yourself overcome self sabotaging thoughts and cravings to control your weight.

The problem is that most of us Baby Boomers (including the younger generations) are close minded and too concerned about the TIME and physicalility factor; with that I mean; we don't want to make the time and we feel we are physically not able to exercise because it is too demanding on the body.

The secret then to the age defying benefits of mind and body exercise for Baby Boomers is to overcome these barriers of time and physicality hangups by incorporating regular, short bursts of mind and body exercises and routines in your day. Two minute, five minute, ten minute routines to get the body moving again and the sub-conscious mind overlayered with a set of new emotional habits and thinking patterns.

If you want to control your weight and look and feel sexy again despite being a middle-aged Baby Boomer or older; if you want to address your fears, insecurities and perhaps your demons of the past, then the first step for you to take is to start at the top of your head (your mind) and literally tap into your own Energy system (your body) by using your finger tips thereby affecting every body system and contributing more to your overall health and longevity than any pill or diet ever will.

Only a sick body and a weary and troubled mind will force you into old age well before your time.

It's time for a change and only you can do it.