Yoga Pants For Exercising And Beyond

by : Alison White

It seems that the most popular “running around" pants are also yoga pants. Many of these closely resemble wide legged jogging pants but are often made of natural fiber such as cotton or hemp and are a thinner material for ease of movement.

Other popular styles of yoga pants include capri, knee length, straight leg, “boot" flair, and even tight fitting or bloomer style pants. With all the fancy names it can be confusing exactly which pair to choose. For the summer, capri pants are always comfortable and the knee length yoga pants fit much like gauchos. These types of pants are comfortable like jogging pants but look stylish. They can be perfect for around the house, when running out for milk, or picking the kids up from school.

Straight leg yoga pants are probably the most popular style for every day wear. The straight leg design is flattering for most figures and many have a wide elastic waist that stays in place. The alternate waist band is often a draw string; drawstring pants tend to feel more comfortable at a low rise or ultra-low rise position. Also some yoga pants have a roll down waist, which can be particularly comfortable for people who will be gaining weight through pregnancy or losing weight through exercise.

Yoga Pants for Exercise

Yoga pants are of course intended for exercise. When used for their intended purpose trying the pants on is essential as they must feel comfortable in many positions. The yoga pants should be loose fitting enough to allow a complete range of movement without cutting into the skin or restricting the legs in any way.

A tee shirt in soft comfortable material pairs well with yoga pants for exercise. Wearing velvet hooded sweat shirt, a sweater, or small fitting hooded sweatshirt will look the best while traveling to or from lessons. These will also compliment the yoga pants for running errands.

Shoes are often not worn in class, however, en route to lessons or general running around athletic shoes will complement the total outfit. Sometimes casual sandals such as crocks or flip-flops will look nice with the capri style or wide legged yoga pants.

By: Ann Marier -