What Is Mantra Yoga?

by : kevinp

This means chanting of phrases, words which when chanted in full attention and could give you a sense of calmness and tranquility. It can also be stated as the achievement of the ultimate salvation by the chanting of verses. Most of the chants and phrases in Vedas are used for this purpose.

This was a way to gain knowledge about the universe and find unison in you. When the mantras are chanted it helps in keeping the individual away from the material world and be focused on the essentials of life. It is also a way to supreme consciousness which was a part of mans life.

By doing the Mantra Yoga you can also achieve Samadhi which is due to the use of the words and in absolute concentration. The wandering mind makes things very hard so this mantra yoga would help in getting your concentration level on mark. Everything in the Mantra Yoga makes it very important and noteworthy to achieve that oneness of soul and mind.

There are many mantras which can be used and are mainly in Sanskrit. The most common and used worldwide is the "Om" mantra which helps in creating that feeling of ease and calmness. These mantras can also be found in English to let each and everyone practice it.

It relaxes your body and mind and keeps you away from the distraction and a continuous focus is on the Mantra which creates the energy level making it beneficial for you. The Mantra is the only thing that remains in your mind, which increases your concentration and self-awareness level.