A Truthful Story About The Water Blow Up

by : wolney

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Does the water can blow up?

This information is important to alert any person who uses the microwaves oven to have water heat. This is a truthful story:

Some days ago a man, of 26 years old, decided to take an instantaneous coffee. He placed to heat in the microwaves oven a cup of water, something that he had made many times already. I do not know exactly how much time he programmed the microwaves oven chronometer, but he wanted to take off the boiling water. When the chronometer disconnect, he opened the oven and removed the cup. He looked at the cup inside and repaired that the water was not bubbling. Suddenly, the water blows up. The cup was remained unbroken and the water jumped reaching his face that was blistered with burning of first and second degree. Perhaps he comes to be disfigured and can, also, lose part of the left vision.

In the hospital, the doctor who attended it confirmed that this is a sufficiently common occurrence.

The scientific explanation says that the water blows up because the microwaves oven heats it to a one hundred superior temperature. When the water is warm in a kettle, at the stove, the deep became with a one hundred superior temperature, unchaining the formation of vapor bubbles that goes up until the surface, increasing the exchange of heat and allowing the water keeps around one hundred. In the microwaves oven the water is warm, but the container not. Thus, the water does not unchain the formation of bubbles that would allow cooling the temperature. In such a way, the water is warm to a superior temperature of one hundred, waiting something unchains the formation of bubbles. When, for agitation or adding to sugar or coffee, it unchains the formation of bubbles, this occurs with such intensity that it results in an explosion of the water to the highest temperature, what can provoke serious burning.

The recommendation is never to heat, in the microwaves oven, containers with water alone, without more nothing. The container must be placed inside with something to spread out the energy, such as a wood spoon, etc, never metallic things.

Superheating water in the microwaves is a real danger. It is not a hoax. The potential problem it warms about is real. You can get this point discussed at some internet web pages. Take care.