Simple Anti-Aging Natural Supplements

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The generation that is responsible for the future doubling of our nation's senior citizen population, or baby boomers, were born at the time of the successful economy at the end of World War II. These baby boomers are very interested in anti-aging methods and anti-aging natural supplements available that will be beneficial to them. It has become a major concern since the nation's senior citizen population is sure to double. With this in mind, researchers are working on ways to address menopause, prolong good vision and promote prostate health. It is good to realize that we have been provided with anti-aging natural supplements, compliments of Mother Nature. These anti-aging natural supplements are abundantly available and very inexpensive.

Fruits and Vegetables
It is comforting to realize that there are completely natural ways with which we can promote good health as we age. It is both natural and practical to find substances that can be found easily in the foods that we already eat. Eating fruits and vegetables is easily the most natural thing that we can eat that contains anti-aging natural supplements. We also know that most fruits are high in vitamin C; an antioxidant that is believed to fight the signs of early aging.

When we eat fruits we can benefit from the proven results to be had in the fight against the anti-aging process.
The fruits that are to be chosen as anti-aging natural supplements are strawberries, grapes, raspberries, and apples. These are all very rich in ellagic acid which very well could be considered to be Mother Nature’s natural insect repellent. This acid is known to hinder the growth of certain tumors in our bodies. It works by slowing the growth of many harmful enzymes that could be mutated and then later produce harmful cancer cells. Some other fruits to be selected as anti-aging natural supplements are peaches, cantaloupes, and apricots. These fruits contain lycopene that is a known antioxidant. Antioxidants guard our bodies’ cells from harmful free radicals.

Vegetables should also be considered as anti-aging natural supplements. Certain vegetable such as carrots, potatoes, and spinach also provide antioxidants that can replenish our bodies. There are other vegetables that can produce an anti-aging natural supplement when eaten. Certain vegetables like soybeans and alfalfa sprouts may fight the enzyme genistein. Genistein is known to stimulate and therefore activate cancer genes. It makes sense that eating these readily available vegetables could simply help prevent the development of cancer.

Eat an Apple Every Day

It is very comforting to know that we can fight against the signs of aging in completely natural ways, without the use of anything artificial. We have heard the saying, "an apple a day can keep the doctor away". Possibly what that phrase really implies is, eating vegetables and fruits will not only fill us up, but they also possess the properties of an anti-aging natural supplement. They give us many more benefits than we can possibly imagine. They can help us to live a healthy, well-rounded healthy life. Take advantage of what Mother Nature gave us and eat up the anti-aging natural supplements. They are in great supply.