Consider These Points When Choosing an Asthma Air Purifier

by : echarter

Do you suffer from asthma? Then you well know the symptoms associated with this medical condition. Narrowing airways, gasping for air, shortness of breath, tight chest, puffing and coughing are all symptoms experienced by asthma sufferers. Cold air, air pollutants, exercise and emotional stress all seem related to bringing on asthma. In youngsters asthma attacks are often related to illnesses caused by viruses.

Asthma has become all too common a medical struggle for a growing number of the population. Recent documentation indicates asthma cases have increased by more than 100% over the past 20 years. Along with this emergency room visits related to asthma are also increasing at a brisk rate. Of even more concern is that statistics show that deaths related to asthma are also on the increase.

It is now recognized that the increasing poor quality of air is related to the increased numbers of asthma cases. Poor quality air is not only found in the environment, due to automobile and factory emissions, it is also noted that polluted air within the living spaces of individual homes is also a contributing factor.

Air within a home can be purified with air purifiers. There are a lot of air purifiers on the market which is growing very competitive.

These machines purify the air and some have been labeled as an asthma air purifier, although they are not necessarily exclusively for asthma sufferers. There are some factors to be considered when you are shopping for an air purifier. They include such things as noise level, appearance, and the type of filter used in filtering the pollutants.

Most people who are shopping for an asthma air purifier consider it's aesthetic appeal to be very important. Since asthma sufferers will benefit the most from the purifying effects of the asthma air purifier when it is operating on a constant basis, appearance is a factor. It will be very visible in your household as it is used continuously to draw in and capture pollutants and circulate clean air back into your home.

So even though the real role of the machine is to purify air it would be inappropriate for it to detract from the decor of your home. Thus a machine that looks great is almost as important as one that works great.

A second big concern in your selection of an asthma air purifier is the noise level created by the air purifier. Your waking hours will be less stressful if your air purifier has low noise level and your sleep will not be disturbed if the noise level is low. This makes the selection of an asthma air purifier with low operational noise levels that still does a good job of purifying air an important consideration.

Finally what types of filters are used? Another factor to consider before your purchase is that of filters. There are some air purifiers that do not use filters but if you choose one that uses filters it is best to get one that uses HEPA filters. HEPA filters are the most effective. They are required to filter out 99.97% of pollutants as one of the standards of the Department of Energy for HEPA filters. An asthma filter with this type of filter will do a great job of returning circulated air that is of the highest quality.