The Principle of Abundance

by : Mandie Crawford

One of the first great things I learned when starting my business, is that there are two ways of thinking. You can believe that there is more than enough business to go around or you can have the scarcity mentality. Either way you believe you are probably right.

The principal of abundance promotes the belief that not only is there enough business to go around, and that the universe has room for us all to benefit equally, but also commands us to give away what we have. This means giving referrals, ideas, assistance and any other thing you can think of to help others. It means that we build people, relationships and help others because we know and believe that somehow, some day it will all come back to us. It also promotes win-win situations.

The scarcity mentality advocates holding onto whatever it is you have for fear that someone else may take it. That means holding onto your cash, your ideas, your time and your clients as tightly as you can. It means that when you find a client you do everything within your power to hold onto that client for fear that the ‘competition’ might take them away. In fact people who operate under the scarcity mentality often base many of their decisions on what their competition and others do. And that is operating out of the fear that someone will get more than you will or will succeed before you do.

I have learned that the only shortages we face are in our own minds. And that the more we give of our approval, our time, our smiles, our energy, our wisdom and our ideas the more accepted, less stressed, happy, energetic, wise and creative we become. Building people and relationships can serve both the ‘giver’ and the ‘getter’. There is enough for everyone!

One of the ways I practice abundance is by sharing leads, and information. I also try my best to promote others who may be in a similar business as I am. Forming alliances and strategies that work for both of us can increase both of our businesses. We may want the same clients, but if we pool our knowledge and resources, everyone benefits. In visiting our site you may begin to notice that there are several people who do similar or the same things. Yes, they know each other, and many of them share business. This helps both of them in that they practice what I call ‘co-opetition’ instead of competition.

Changing our mindset about the principle of abundance is not always easy. It takes practice. I love the vision that was created through a book that I have read called, “The One Minute Millionaire". It says, ‘There is an ocean of abundance and one can tap into it with a teaspoon, a bucket or a tractor trailer. The ocean doesn’t care.’ Practice the principles of abundance this week. There is enough for everyone!

Copyright 2004, Mandie Crawford. All rights reserved.