Does Mangosteen Normalize Blood Sugar In Diabetics?

by : Schwinke707

The mangosteen is a fruit grown primarily in Southeast Asia and is often called the "Queen of All Fruits". The scientific name is Garcinia mangostana and it is mostly known for its intriguing flavor and many folk mangosteen fruit benefits.

The dark purple rind was dried and ground and used to fight off infection. Ancient healers created an extract of the fruit to reduce fever. Poultices were made to treat parasitic skin infections. It has been used for centuries to treat dysentery, diarrhea, urinary tract infections, and eczema.

Researchers have identified dozens of biologically active compounds called "Xanthones" in the rind of the mangosteen fruit. There are litterally stacks of existing mangosteen research in dozens of countries talking about the benefits of mangosteen.

Xanthones, the active compounds in the mangosteen fruit, have been proven in many scientific studies to promote healthy bodily function.

Actually, countless people with Diabetes have reported more energy, wieghtloss, increased blood circulation, and lower blood sugar.

In fact, I have seen people's blood sugar drop as much as 50 points in their first week on the mangosteen supplement.

A select few have reported their blood sugar lowering as much as 100 points when sugar was high -just after a single dose!

Many people, including those with Diabetes 1, Diabetes 2, and chronic inflammation, have been very pleased with the mangosteen supplement.

But the mangosteen fruit benefits were a mystery for ever so long. It wasn't until about 40 years ago when scientists first put Mangosteen fruit under the microscope that they discovered these "xanthones".

Xanthones, according to researchers, are some of the most powerful antioxidants found in nature and have also demonstrated incredible healing properties in reviewed scientific studies all around the world.

Xanthones are found more in the rind of the mangosteen fruit than any other food source on earth. The mangosteen fruit benefits have been shown to include/help the following:

Anti-aging, Anti-biotic, Alzheimers, Parkinsons, Anxiety, Antioxidants, Anti-Allergy, Anti-depressant, Periodontal (gum health), Eye health, Migraines, Skin rashes, Hypertension, Pan systemic, Energizer (Energy booster), Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Tumor, Analgesic (Pain reducer), Nerve pain, Anti-pyretic (Lowers fevers), Anti-viral, Stimulates red blood cell growth, Ulcers, Osteoporosis, Immune Modulator (help immune system), Cardio protective (helps protect heart), Cataracts, Irritable bowel syndrome, Anti-fungal, Anti-pathogenic (reduce pathogens), Anti-parasitic, Supports weight loss, Hardening of the arteries, Anti-lipidemic (lowers blood fat), and Anti-diabetic (lowers blood sugar).

Six Xanthones were even found to KILL CANCER CELLS.

Although the mangosteen is only one food source, its the many xanthones and antioxidant properties that allow it to provide such a wide range of health benefits.

It's most recognized benefit is its anti-inflammatory properties.

Still, Diabetics around the world are finding not just hope, but results in the mangosteen supplement.

With the number of prescriptions increasing and diabetes continuing to spiral upward, the mangosteen has proven to be a valuable and a blessing to those willing to give it a try.