Find People Lost in Space and Time

by : Jesse S. Somer

Want to find information about someone lost in space and time? The Internet’s here: Just make your search one that doesn’t invade someone’s privacy.

Can you remember a friend or relative’s name that has disappeared from the Earth? You haven’t had contact with them in decades, but now you want to find out where they are so you can get in touch. In the old days this would have been nearly impossible, but now things are different. There are many different ways to find people lost in ‘space and time’ on the Internet. Some are free and some cost, but the amount of personal information you can find about any individual in the world is astounding.

Besides the simple International White Pages web sites, there are many companies that are masters of locating personal information. Say you used to live overseas when you were a child and you want to see how your best friends from primary school are doing in their lives. You can find out their address, email, and phone number, even about their personal history, like whether or not they’ve got a criminal record! Some might perceive this as an invasion of privacy, like ‘Big Brother’ in the book ‘1984’, but if one’s intentions are true and positive, I think this can be great for finding buddies, loved ones, and relatives.

Say you met a really nice person on your travels but you lost their address, as long as you’ve got their name there’s no reason their existence has to become only a memory. How about that old crush you had on that girl in High School? You can search them out and see their current marital status, and then if all looks good you can try and rekindle that old flame.

There are even sites that help you find out information about your own ancestors. You can get more insight into why you are the way you are after reading newspaper articles centuries old about the exploits of your bloodlines. Maybe you’ll come across the name in a family tree of a relative you didn’t even know existed. They might even live just around the corner!

Just hit ‘finding people’ on your search engine and the quest begins. You can search your own name through Detective type agencies and see just how much information about yourself is out there. These agencies pride themselves on finding hard information like your ‘silent’ phone number! I guess these guys could be going a little too far. For example, one site invites you to search out background information on the person you’re just about to start dating. What ever happened to judging someone on his or her actions? How about innocent until proven guilty? Sounds like there might be a little too much paranoia going around.

If used for positive means I believe these ‘people finders’ can be a great help to humanity. I just think we have to be careful about getting a bit to intrusive on our neighbors. It’s none of my business if they’ve been divorced or been to jail.