How Does The Air Purifier Ensure An Improved Air Quality

by : rsbombard

Indoor air pollution has recently become a threat to the whole environment. Statistics have recorded that contaminants in air inside the house is quite higher than those existing in the natural atmosphere. Thus installing an air purifier in your home can give you sufficient protection you need to fight back from these pollutants.

Pollutants inside the house

How do pollutants get entrapped within the confinement of the four walls? The answer lies in the question itself.

-When the pollutants enter your house in the free flow of air, they start accumulating in different regions.

-Within a confinement their movement gets limited. The freedom is exhausted.

-Though this amount is quite less than what is present in the natural environment but due to this block they cannot get out. And thus the air pollutants inside the house are more in comparison to what is present in nature.

Therefore the key to diseases like allergies from dust, smoke etc and asthma resides in your very own house. Unless the quality of air of the place where you dwell in is not free from germs, how can you prevent yourself from these ailments?

Purification improves air quality

The air purifiers come with different types of air filters. HEPA is a prominent name and qualitatively it is counted to be very efficient in purifying the air. Similarly carbon filters, zeolite filters and UV filters are also popular.

Filtration is the key part of the purification process. In no way this should go wrong. What happens throughout the process? Just take a close look.

-The pre filter is the first layer. The bigger particles are blocked at this layer itself.

-The next is generally the carbon filter. This is the part where the chemicals, smoky substances and dust particles are filtered. All kinds of foul odors are put off at this stage of purification.

-Anti-microbial filters process further filtration of the smaller particles. In a good quality air purifier there are normally two anti-microbial filters to carry out this process.

-Finally it is the turn of the High Efficiency Particulate Arrestant (HEPA) filter to catch contaminants present in air up to 0.03 microns size. The smallest particles which are harmful for human health are therefore eliminated through this filtration technique.

An air purifier is a compact device that performs layer after layer task by applying modern techniques of making your breathing air fresh and clean. Help out yourself with good quality air where you stay.