Natural Heartburn Relief

by : sciguy40

Getting rid of heartburn may not be as simple as people would like. Heartburn can be caused by several factors pertaining mainly to the dietary habits and the lifestyle of a given individual. Frequent or chronic heartburn is a reason to be concerns as such a condition should be evaluated by a physician or a healthcare professional.

For quick results, an antacid over the counter product usually works fine to relieve the burning sensation. Herbal remedies that you can find in a health food store such as fennel oil and other drops have also been known to work pretty fast. A few home remedies such as chewing on a chilled piece of rhubarb or eating a little ice cream have worked for some people.

Overeating often leads to heartburn. It is most likely that an over the counter or home remedy would work, but still there are things to avoid. If you have overeaten, you will probably feel sleepy, but just remember that lying down will worsen any heartburn you may have. Consider instead of taking a leisurely stroll but do not perform strenuous exercise. Actions such as running, bending and stooping will make your heartburn worse.

The good news is that no matter what you have eaten, any product should give relief from occasional heartburn, but not all of them work for everyone. If you know ahead of time that spicy foods give you problems, you should either plan to avoid them or take a product designed to prevent heartburn prior to eating them.

Some over the counter products like Zantac may be taken a half an hour before a meal to prevent heartburn symptoms. People that suffer from frequent heartburn are typically advised to avoid spicy foods and make dietary and lifestyle changes.

Probably one of the best things you do for your heartburn and reduce overall stress. Here are some actions that will help. Sit in a comfortable position and loosen your clothing. Focus on your posture. Exhale and empty your lungs completely. Inhale for a four count, and then hold for a four count and then exhale for a four count. Try to focus on individual muscles in the body that are tense and relax them by flexing the muscle for ten seconds and then releasing for twenty seconds. Even counting off the seconds can help you relax.

Just remember that stress often leads to frequent heartburn. Fast paced lifestyles may lead to stress. Try to slow down for a few minutes before you eat and sit quietly for a few minutes after you eat. Eat slowly and chew well. Making an effort to prevent prolonged heartburn by reducing stress around mealtimes should reduce your need for antacids or other over the counter heartburn medicines.