Best DVDs for your personal DVD player

by : Dana Scripca

When bought personal DVD player, the very next thing to do is purchasing an important DVDs collection with your favourite movies, documentaries, shows, cartoons. Here are few hints before buying.

Have you just bought a portable personal DVD player and no clues about what DVD shows can you enjoy? Well, net is abounding in all kind of tops. In order to pick up what you wish before your escape into vacation, take a glance on these ones. These following pass for significant classifications. According to

Top 20 DVD's

Title Total %

1. American Beauty 6%

2. Fight Club 96%

3. Se7en 95%

4. Halloween (Ltd Edition) 94%

5. American History X 93%

6. The Matrix 93%

7. Terminator 2 93%

8. Shrek 93%

9. The Abyss 93%

10. Fellowship of the Ring 92%

11. Gladiator 92%

12. The Holy Grail 92%

13. Jurassic Park 92%

14. Tarzan 92%

15. The Sixth Sense 91%

16. Independance Day 91%

17. Three Kings 91%

18. Blade II 90%

19. Silence Of the Lambs SE 90%

20. The Green Mile 90%

Best DVD's of 2003

According to, these are:

  1. The Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King (Widescreen Edition) DVD
  2. Finding Nemo (Collector's Edition) DVD
  3. City of God DVD
  4. Seabiscuit (Widescreen Edition) DVD
  5. Master and Commander - The Far Side of the World (Widescreen Special Two-Disc Set) DVD
  6. The Last Samurai (Widescreen Edition) DVD
  7. Kill Bill, Volume 1 DVD
  8. Pirates of the Caribbean - The Curse of the Black Pearl DVD
  9. X2 - X-Men United (Widescreen Edition) DVD
  10. Mystic River (3 Disc Deluxe Edition) DVD

Top 10 Films of 2004, So Far - Independent Film

This top is realized by

  1. The Trilogy, together, Lucas Belvaux' 'On the Run,' 'An Amazing Couple,' and 'After the Life'
  2. Before Sunset
  3. Dogville
  4. Festival Express
  5. Maria Full of Grace
  6. The Five Obstructions
  7. The Dreamers
  8. Bon Voyage
  9. Control Room
  10. Coffee and Cigarettes For the RZA

DMC Awards

According to, DMC Awards let us know which are:

  • the best overall DVD

    2. Finding Nemo
    3. Black Hawk Down: Deluxe Ed.
    4. Pirates of the Caribbean
    5. Who Framed Roger Rabbit

  • Best children and family DVD

    2. Finding Nemo
    3. Sleeping Beauty
    4. Harry Potter/Chamber
    5. The Love Bug

  • best documentary feature

    1. CASABLANCA (Bacall on Bogart)
    2. The Great Dictator (The Tramp and the Dictator)
    3. The Two Towers: SE (Gollum)
    4. Black Hawk Down: Deluxe Ed.
    5. Tokyo Story

  • best video quality (color)

    2. Finding Nemo
    3. Identity
    4. Blue Crush
    5. Sleeping Beauty

  • best video quality (black&white)

    2. Coup de Grace
    3. Umberto D
    4. Wings of Desire
    5. In Cold Blood

  • best restoration (pre-1970):

    2. The Great Dictator
    3. Metropolis
    4. The Love Bug
    5. Sleeping Beauty

Even those who are in love with classic movies should be satisfied. Movies such as 'Sunset Boulevard' (1950) Special

Collector's Edition DVD or 'Roman Holiday' (1953) Special Collector's Edition DVD have been released recently. The picture and sound are as good as on any contemporary film.