Discover How to do a Really Great Massage

by : mauricetate

The first massage tip I like to give to men or women is to really slow down how they touch their partner. Most men touch their partner by moving their hands much too fast and are not present in touch in their hands. Men need to really get into the sensations under their hands and not to please their partner in anyway.

Most women like a very soft touch to start an massage. See if you can just touch the hairs of her skin. Many men also like a very light touch to start a massage and find it very pleasing.

One can also start a massage with a feather or some silk. I also use some fake fur to lightly touch the legs, arms, stomach, and neck. One can also lightly touch the face with the fur or silk. Its good to do a relaxing back massage and pay attention to the buttocks as most men and women hold a lot of tension in this area.

I find a light tapping on the sacrum area can be very stimulating for some women. Do some long stokes up the legs and over the stomach and up to the chest.

Make sure you use a lot of oil on the body. Grape seed oil is inexpensive or better still use cold pressed sesame oil. One can add a few drops of essential oil to the massage oil. If is is a cold day you can warm the oil in some hot water or a yogurt heater.

If the room is not that warm, use towels on parts of the body you are not massaging. Another tip is to use a warm water bottle on the tummy.

Vary the speed and the depth of the strokes to provide variety. Go light and then deeper and slow and then faster for each stroke.

Ask your partner to breathe more than they usually do. Ask them to breathe into the belly area and remind them when their breath gets shallow again and again. Also if you breath more, you can get more charge in your hands and fingers. This can help build the energy and make the massage more of an energy massage experience.

Another good technique is to think of how much you love your partner and move this feeling into your hands and touch. Your partner will feel the love in your hands and melt. This can make the massage very healing as many of us have never been touched like this.