Water Purifier Buying Guide

by : rsbombard

"Most water treatment products are still sold for aesthetic reasons--to improve the odor or taste of water, especially to remove chlorine taste," says Carlyn Meyer, Director of Public Affairs at the Water Quality Institute. He also adds "Buying water treatment products is an insurance policy against possible risks".

Unhealthy pollutants still bypass the traditional water purification. Before the purchase the following sections do concentrate on the two most important water purifiers.

Chlorine and Iodine
Available either in tablet or liquid forms, these halogens are very much required to clean the water. Once you have applied them in the water, in the recommended amounts as per the instructions usually written outside the containers, you never have to worry about anything so far. But higher dose can prove to be fatal also.

Water Filters and Bottle Purifiers
Another vastly used approach is the purification through water filters and bottle purifiers. Water Filters are generally required in order to go for a long voyage.

Certain factors need to be considered while buying a water Filters or a Bottle Purifier.

1.Filter Medium
This portion is of utmost importance in any bottle purifier and it comes in different materials that can have a large impact on the overall purification performance. So, you may be looking out to get the type of materials:

-Structured Matrix Made up of a honeycombed material, Structured Matrix can easily purify the contaminants in the water. So, you need to be careful about this part.

-Iodine resin Basically it is a chemical layer which stays inside of the purifier to protect any virus to come in.

-Ceramic Ceramic medium is usually needed for those who are going for a long trip. For factors like longevity and multi-time cleaning, Ceramic is generally required. But at the same time it needs a careful handling also because of its fragility.

-Carbon core A carbon core is to be attached to the ceramic to wipe out any odor caused by chlorine and iodine.

-Fiber glass - A fiber glass shield is necessary to protect the ultimate filter.

2.Pore Size
The next consideration is the pore size along with the filter medium consideration. A pore size of 0.2 microns is what is generally treated as a quality mark.

3.Pump Force
The pump force is the third prerequisite. It would be harder to pump, if the pump force number is higher.
Summing up, the considering factors while buying a water purifier are sometimes qualitative and sometimes economical consideration comes to play a role in purchasing water purifier. But we have to remember one thing that we, ultimately have to purify water, for the sake of the safety factor. Accordingly, we have to take action!