Planning a Luau Party

by : Mike Yeager

Luau party supplies will determine just how fun your Luau party will be. For the invitations to your Luau party, send large Hawaiian themed cards, and tell them to dress in the tropical style. For the music, find a CD or tape that plays Luau music. For the outside entrance to your house, consider placing bamboo torches outside your door so your guests will get right in the tropical mood. As soon as your guests get in the door, have a large basket of tropical flowers. If the weather permits, consider placing Luau party supplies on the backyard. Paper lanterns would be a nice touch outside. Also, wind chimes will add to the mood. If you really want to go crazy, place metallic palm trees and wooden totem poles around the yard/patio. Candle votives are a must, but don't forget the citronella candles.

Finding cheap Luau Party Supplies

Often times, it is possible to find the material for a Luau party at a discount store. For example, some plastic bowls are made in the shape of large shells. Also, most supplies like the paper flowers and Luau music CD can be had for only a few dollars. More fun and cheaper than a pirate party supply or a birthday party supply, Luau party supplies will make your party one to remember.