Cuckoo Clocks!

by : Mike Yeager

A cuckoo clock is among the most unusual type of clock there is. While there are many different types of cuckoo clocks, the vast majority of cuckoo clocks are pendulum clocks that give the time by striking the hour using whistles that often sound exactly like the call of the cuckoo bird. Most cuckoo clocks are made in either the shape of a birdhouse or chalet. Also, most cuckoo clocks now have a small mechanical cuckoo bird pop out of a door on the hour to accompany the chirping noises of the cuckoo bird.

Some people add items like twigs and leaves to add to the rustic feel of a cuckoo clock. The cuckoo clocks of the highest quality are usually made in German’s Black Forest, so Black Forest cuckoo clocks are usually the most sought after, and therefore expensive, type of cuckoo clocks available on the market. In fact, some Black Forest cuckoo clocks can cost many thousands of dollars.

Setting up your new Cuckoo Clock.

Have you bought a new cuckoo clock, but are not sure what to do next? Here are a few easy steps to set up your new cuckoo clock: First of all, hand the cuckoo clock on the wall, mantel, or wherever you want to place it. Then, softly swing the pendulum to one side, which will start its momentum and start the clock’s ticking. Then, set the time by gently moving the hour and minute hand into their proper places. If you want your cuckoo clock to sing right at the top of the hour, it is important to set the cuckoo clock to very close to the exact time. Be aware that even the best-made cuckoo clocks will eventually need repair. It is best to find a well qualified clock repair shop to do your cuckoo clock repair.