Are Air Purifiers Dangerous?

by : blythebabe

Do you know that there was a recent news that involved a big-name ionic air purifier manufacturer? This publication had claimed that the tested air purifier system by this manufacturer removed very little matter, but instead it significantly raise ozone levels in the room. So is there truth in the matter? Well, unluckily for this ionic air purifier company and thousands of customers, the judge for the case found the publications' claims were true. Hence some ionic air purifier systems can raise ozone levels.

Here are some points about the possible danger that air purifiers poses in your home... or is there any real danger at all?

What is Ozone?
Ozone is found naturally in the earth's atmosphere and it protects us from the sun's harmful rays. In your house, however, ozone produced by air purifiers can be harmful. Companies selling these air purifiers claim they are using the ozone at safe levels to clean the air, but the truth is that the same ozone emitted by the air purifier can cause respiratory illness. Are you willing to risk your health?

Damage to Your Home and Health
Studies have also found that ozone can cause rubbers, upholstery, and paint to deteriorate more quickly. If ozone can eventually crumble the paint on your walls and the material covering your sofa, what can it do to your lung tissue? Do you really want to put your money into an air purifier that can eventually turn healthy lungs into a big mess? Even if an ionic air purifier is only a "little" dangerous, there is still some danger there.

Overexposure To Ozone
One of the problems with these air purifiers is that the unit has no control to prevent over-exposure to the ozone. Sure, the ozone can kill the spores in the air, but the ozone can also cause problems. As levels of ozone rise in your room, the air purifier continues working and pumping out more ozone. Ultimately, the level of ozone moves from safe to unsafe in just a matter of time.

The Other Side
To be fair Being fair , we really need to consider two sides to the story. Some will say the ozone produced by an ionic air purifier is only a danger if you use it in an enclosed room. You realize they may be right; perhaps the ionic air purifier isn't so bad. It's the use of the word "may" that might cause you concern. If there is a risk there in the first place, why play the odds with something as simple as an ionic air purifier?

In essence, the air purifier you are trusted and depended on to remove irritants from the air are not working. Your allergies or asthma are now irritating your lungs even more due to the ozone. While allergens are being removed, a new, possibly deadlier irritant is replacing the air you breathe. Why run an air purifier, specifically an ionic air purifier, if you are making the condition worse? Think about it! Why risk your life with an air purifier that might be making your symptoms worsen? It's a waste of your money. It is also a bigger risk in the long run.

Thus with the given reasons above, getting a HEPA air purifier might be a better choice. Although they are more expensive, these air purifiers help reduce allergens in the air without adding any potentially dangerous things to your environment that might harm you or your family.