Health Wellness:Ionic Air Filters

by : rsbombard

The levels of pollution in the air is increasing by the day. As the emissions from vehicles and industries reach an all time high, there isn't much hope for things to be changing for the better in the recent future. This problem has been further compounded by air tight buildings we live in. built to conserve energy, these places do not allow air to either leave or come inside. The result is that the impurities already present in the air has no way to get out. And since no oxygen can flow in from the outside, the possibility of oxygen cleaning the air is also nullified.

The only solution to this problem would be air purifiers. Impurities in the air have been linked to several respiration illnesses including asthma. It has also been held responsible for problems like sinusitis. Studies show, that breathing impure air can also severely affect the quality of our sleep. What all these mean is that having an air purifier at your place becomes imperative at the present situation.

There are a whole variety of air purifiers available in the market. As the industry grows bigger - sales having crossed $100 million - the number of models on offer keeps growing. Apart from the capacity and looks, air purifiers can be differentiated on the basis of the kind of filters it uses.

One of the most common air purifiers are the ionic air purifiers. Ionic air purifiers actually have ionizers inside them. Basically such purifiers work on the principle of static electricity. When switched on, the plates inside the purifier gets electrically charged which subsequently charge the dust and smoke particles. Once they are charged, they will cling on to the neutrally or positively charged surface of the air purifier.

However there is one drawback with ionic air purifiers. The heavier particles may actually fall off if two dissimilarly charged small particles clump together.

The ionic air purifiers however come with a pre-filter which actually separate the larger dust particles from the smaller ones. So in a way the problem of larger particles falling off is taken care of.

Recently better air purifiers with more advanced filters have been launched. HEPA filters can purify air to the extent of 99.7 percent. Such figures are truly amazing when compared with ionic air filters. However, if someone in your family doesn't suffer from severe respiration problems, you can well do with an ionic air filter.