Ashes And Peanut Butter

by : scubaman

It happens to us all; a morning where you are running late, maybe running very late. Running late is just the newest label for modern living. Anyone with a life has a lot to do from wake time to work time. Add children and that number goes up exponentially.

So let us add a few glitches: You have overslept, you now need to get showered, get the kids dressed, fed. You forgot to answer some urgent emails. Someone forgot to do their homework so that has to get done. A fight has broken out over nothing. Lunches need to be made. Calls from work start before the shower and continue through toast making and into peanut butter and jelly sandwich making. You need a four wheel drive to be moving this fast, to be multi-tasking this way. Cigarettes help. No question. They give your heart a kick start and get you into overdrive fast and let us face it we all need that first morning boost of nicotine to get our bodies going. Most of the time however, it is with a nice relaxing cup of coffee or tea, not rushing around trying to get everything done in less than 10 minutes.

So what happens when we have to rush around and try to have that first morning cigarette as well? Let us face it there are consequences and downsides that just should not be ignored. And those downsides can be steep. Here is a short list of some of them:

In all the hurry and confusion you forget about the first cigarette you lit and light another one, letting the first burn off the ashtray and onto the new kitchen table you saved so vigorously to buy.

You need that first cigarette so badly that you light up just as your adorable child wants to fold into your arms for the first hug of the day. You burn yourself, your burn him or her and then you drop the cigarette and burn the carpet.

You try and smoke while helping your child do his math. Another one of those experiments in tempting fire with fire. Ashes drop. You burn yourself, you burn your kid, and you burn the math homework!

Of course then there are the cigarette and food mishaps; ashes and peanut butter mix, giving your child a Camel sandwich. Ashes fall into milk, Ashes fall into cereal. Very few people would attest to the delicious taste of ashes and anything. So how do you explain to your children school when they call to say your child is ill and you need to come and collect them? Will it be the old reliable, it was not me; it was the cigarette answer?

Lastly, what about when you do not have any cigarettes at all and are hell to live with that morning, snapping like a turtle when all those around you, often people who love you who have no idea why. This really is living hell for everyone, not just you.

The every day hazards that come from smoking in and around puts the ones you love at risk. You have to take this into account when you make the choice to smoke. For it is not just your life you risk, that is clear.