Diaper Rash - An Irritant For Babies

by : kevinp

Diaper as a whole is a very good product and could be termed in some manner as a boon for all parents. Even though, this boon can boomerang any moment making it one of the worst nightmares for all parents. It is one of the common skin disorders that your child has to go through. As the babies skin is very soft and delicate it can easily cause damage by the constant use of diapers. Once you start solid food, diaper rash becomes more common, leading to rashes which create graver problems for your children. First 12 months can be a testing period for parents as well as babies.

The dominating factor for diaper rash is skin wetness. Areas which are already damaged tend to be more sensitive for other skin related problems. It is a kind of chain reaction as and when the skin gets affected due to urinary wetness which later on affects the stool enzymes or other irritants leading to inflammation of the skin. This rash becomes an open passage for bacteria and other organisms causing further damage to your child's skin problem. Common sufferers of diaper rash are between 8 to 10 months old.

Some of the common diaper rashes are
-Friction Rash
-Irritant Rash
-Allergic Rash
-Intertrigo Rash
-Seborrhea Rash

Measures to be taken
-Change the diapers often or avoid diapers, if you can manage it like that
-Keep your child exposed to fresh air
-Have a diaper which fits properly giving enough air to breath
-Use water instead of using diaper wipes
-Avoid food that may cause diarrhea
-Avoid soaps or powder which may tend to cause irritation
-Keep the infected area always dry to avoid any infection
-Breastfeeding your baby helps the baby immensely
-Use a bottle to squirt water rather than rub or wipe
-Pat dry, the area instead of wiping or rubbing the area
-Let your baby's skin dry before putting on another diaper
-Completely ban the use of plastic pants