Anti-Aging Skin Care Top Nine Tips

by : buckleyc

Many people are looking for techniques and regimes to apply in order to benefit from anti-aging treatments.

There are so many products, so many drugs, so many treatments and too much advice! What is required are some simple tips for one to follow that will give the required anti-aging effects on your skin in the long term.

In my work in the anti-aging field, I have found nine top tips that will help you to reduce the effects of aging on your skin.

Keep out of the sun for extended periods and avoid burning and tanning. Use sunscreen daily - nothing can increase the aged look more than too much sunshine. Remember that thin, white cotton shirts may not protect the skin from the harmful effects of the sun.

Get at least eight hours of sleep per day. Much is still unknown about the sleep process, but what is known is that the body appears to undergo a self-renewal process. Signs of aging are observed in those not getting the right amount of sleep. Examples include bags around the eyes as this is one of the most fragile parts of the body.

Use a prescription retinoid - these are scientifically proven creams on the market that are derivatives of vitamin A. They help production of collagen.

Exercise regularly - every day if possible. Skin is a living organ of cells, water and blood. Your entire system, including your skin and its youthful appearance, will benefit from regular exercise.

Stop smoking. Smoking causes destruction of the skin by reducing the quality of blood circulation to it giving rise to a dull color and wrinkles. Starving your body of oxygen and filling it with chemicals will cause aging. If you are serious about effective anti- aging skin care, you should strongly consider stopping or at least cutting down.

Drink eight glasses of water per day. Not just any water, put purified, distilled or spring water should be drunk. The body is composed mainly of water and uses it as a filtration medium. You should assist your body in ridding it of its toxins, thus reducing the effects of aging.

Weight loss. If you are overweight you are putting a great strain on your body, which cannot operate at its optimum. You should aim to lose weight, allowing the body to operate at an optimum level and hence keeping to a mimimum, some inevitable signs of aging.

Alcohol and stimulants - caffeine, alcohol and other stimulants and chemicals should be avoided and consumed only in moderation. These unnatural levels of chemicals in the bloodstream lead to a less than efficient operation of the body and hence give rise to aging.

Avoid stress and stressful situations. Stress has been implicated in many conditions of the skin. It can result in paleness, pimples, flaking of the skin and hair loss. Learn how to relax from stressful situations with approriate relaxation techniques.