Premature Graying - A Very Young Problem

by : kevinp

Graying of hair can be very embarrassing especially when you are very young and when you are about to step into the realities of life. Many a times the cause for graying is not because of ones age but many other factors which play an important role.

Climatic changes, hereditary can be some of the reasons for having gray hair at a very young age. The type of hair one person has also gives good reason for graying of hair. The different types of hair which may be prone to effect your graying are oily hair, dry hair and wiry hair.

It has been told that graying is a sign for aging but now times have changed. Many young children also face such problems which are due to the gradual fall in melanin production in the hair bulb. If such kind of graying appears in childhood then it is called premature graying or canities which is pronounced as kah-nish'-eez.

Hair can be bleached over the years by the sunlight, which causes the change in color. The rapid graying happens mainly due to shedding of pigmented hair where the gray hair is retained and sometimes it may take months but it can also happen in a matter of few days.

Graying can also happen due to stress and tension. In that case taking care of your hair is very important. If you have oily hair too much washing can drain out all the oil which can make your hair prone to graying and this can be changed with some good conditioner and shampoos.

If you have a habit of taking care of your hair it will be very useful to protect your hair from graying. The different experiments when done on hair causes lot of problems to your hair, if avoided will be very helpful. Proper shampooing and conditioning can be of great help in the long run. It can create a good and clean look for your hair.