3 Old Home Remedies That Can Kill You

by : gnomesociety

In our modern world, expensive prescription and over-the-counter medicines from large pharmaceutical companies are what most people turn to treat various ailments. In the not-too-distant past, many folks relied on old home remedies and traditional folk medicine when they needed a cure. Although some are still used today, many of these treatments were actually deadly. Here are three home remedies best avoided...

#1: Using Kerosene To Kill Head Lice

Believe it or not, there was a time when some people would use a bit of kerosene on a child's hair to kill headlice. Although it may have succeeded in killing the lice, the dangers far outweighed the results. Kerosene is quickly absorbed through the skin, and of course is both highly flammable and very toxic. Using this old home remedy caused many illnesses and deaths.

These days, a much safer option is using a combination of petroleum jelly and a comb. Hand-picking the lice eggs out and suffocating the lice with the jelly may be time-consuming and messy, but it is safe and effective.

#2: Taking "Azarcon" Or "Greta" For Stomach Troubles

Many older folks, especially in Mexican and Mexican-American communities will know about these two powders that were traditionally given to help treat "empacho", a broad term describing various intestinal and stomach illnesses. The problem is, both of these consist of almost 100% pure lead! Taking any amount of these can and has caused lead poisioning that has harmed and killed many people. You can still find Azarcon and Greta today; be sure to avoid them like the plague.

For mild stomach complaints, ginger tea is a tastier, more effective, and non-lethal alternative.

#3: Putting Butter On Burns

Smearing butter on a fresh burn is a classic example of an old home remedy that should be avoided at all costs. Although it may help the pain at first, the butter will actually contaminate the burn. Furthermore, bacteria will quickly start growing in the butter and allow the burn to quickly become infected.

If you have a minor burn, why not try using some natural aloe vera gel on it. This can be squeezed directly from the houseplant of the same name.

Many of us are taught from a young age to respect the wisdom and advice of our elders. When it comes to treating ailments and injuries though, you might want to get a second opinion before trying out the remedies they remember.