Colon Cleanse for IBS Symptoms

by : skleong

If you have severe IBS symptoms, you may be experiencing little success from taking laxatives and managing your fiber intake. It may be that your body has grown accustomed to the laxatives that you have been consuming and that they are losing their effect. There is, however, one more treatment option that you can consider a colon cleanse. According to naturopathic practitioners, colon cleanse is highly suitable for those who suffer from severe IBS symptoms.

A colon cleanse is about cleansing the intestines. It is believed that cleaning the colon is just as important to cleaning other parts of the body. A dirty colon can become toxic and this may be why your digestive system becomes irritable causing IBS symptoms. A dirty colon can be the result of you eating processed foods or foods that are not healthy and/or having unhealthy eating habits. When your colon cannot eliminate the toxins effectively, it becomes overburdened and toxins accumulate.

Even with colon cleansing, there are several ways that you go about it. A colon cleanse can begin with taking natural supplements as well as power drinks. These drinks usually contain different herbs and medications that work together to give you the results that you desire. If you choose this route of colon cleansing, you may have to avoid certain foods during the cleansing process for maximum results. Before purchasing these power drinks, it is advisable to check with your health care provider first. Also ensure that these drinks contain the best quality ingredients.

Spices and special herbs may also be used for colon cleanse. Some foods have calming results on your digestive system, too. These foods include rhubarb, peppers, ginger, and garlic. These items will help to cleanse the digestive system, which aids in easier bowel movements.

Many who have undergone colon cleansing for their IBS symptoms claim that it is an effective form of treatment. Not only are they reducing the severity and frequency of their IBS symptoms, they are also experiencing better overall health. There are of course skeptics who do not believe in colon cleanse or any form of cleansing. They say that your body is equipped to colon cleanse toxins on its own and need no extra help.

Still, if you have no luck with other forms of treatment for your IBS symptoms, it does not hurt to find out more about colon cleansing from your doctor. Make sure you let him know about the exact symptoms that you are currently having and the current method of treatment, whether laxatives or otherwise, that you are on.