14 Quick And Easy Heartburn Cures

by : anna07

If I was to tell you that a staggering 44% of the American population suffer, or have suffered from, heartburn at some point in time of their lives, you probably won't know whether to be absurdly relieved that you're not the only one, or just stare in shock at such an appalling number.

If you have suffered at any time from the symptoms of heartburn you are in fact, one of just under half the U.S. population suffering from heartburn.

Reading this you might be led to believe that with almost half of the American population suffering from heartburn at least once during their lives there would be plenty of public awareness about it.

You would be wrong.

Even though almost 90% of heartburn sufferers find the quality of their life affected by their condition in some way, there is in reality, very little information readily available to the general public.

Studies carried out in 2003 only served to highlight public ignorance of this fact, and more recent studies have found little change in public awareness since then.

So with that said here are 14 quick and easy heartburn cures you can start using right away...

1. Avoid drinks containing coffee, tea, colas and alcohol

2. If you like to drink coffee try some decaffeinated coffee instead.

3. Avoid tomatoes and citrus fruits, and drinking coffee.

4. Avoid chocolates, onions, peppermints and food with a high fat level.

5. Instead of drinking whole milk you should try fat free milk or 1% - 2% milk.

6. Don't eat large meals. Instead eat several small meals throughout the day.

7. Take your time eating.

8. drink plenty of water in small amounts throughout the day.

9. When you go to sleep at night, keep your head elevated higher than your body.

10. Lying down on your left side when you sleep also helps.

11. During the day you should sit upright in a comfortable chair rather than slouching.

12. Gain a sensible amount of weight and stay within the weight guidelines your doctor suggests.

13. Wear looser clothing.

14. Try not to exercise after a meal.

Fortunately, there are a great number of things that you can do to lower your chances of triggering heartburn and acid reflux, with those I've listed above being just a few.

For those skeptics amongst you who believe only in pharmaceutical drugs being the cure for everything (not that I'm saying there's anything wrong with that), there are many more natural heartburn and acid reflux cures available which are well worth trying.