TCA Peel For Treating Corns And Calluses

by : dmaillie

Corns and calluses can cause great discomfort and are actually a very common problem. They can result from improperly fitted shoes, overly dry skin, foot movement or pronation problems and other reasons. Corns and calluses make walking and other similar activities painful and difficult. There are many over the counter remedies, but the problem is most do not work at all or marginally at best. Here is a treatment regimen that really works and is actually used by podiatrists in their offices.

Most of the time, removing the source of the callus or corn will be sufficient. This can be as easy as obtaining better fitting shoes or more cushioning inserts or soles. It can also mean bunions and other bone problems or pronation that may need orthotics or corrective shoes and devices or even surgery. This your doctor can best prescribe for you. Better fitting shoes that remove the friction that causes a corn or callus will prevent reformation.

To remove a current corn or callus we must first understand what they are. Generally a corn or callus is thickened skin that covers a toe joint (corn) or can occur usually on the balls and heel of the foot or palm of the hand (callus). This toughened skin the rubs or presses inward against nerves, bone and tissue causing discomfort and as long as the friction that causes this thickened skin is allowed to persist, the corn or callus will continue to grow slowly increasing the discomfort and pain along with them.

Many times a little tender loving care is all that is needed. Soak the affected area in warm water until the skin softens (usually about 10-15 minutes). Then remove the loosened skin with a pumice stone or other device specifically for corn or callus removal. The rough, thick skin will come off in small pieces due to the abrasion effect of the stone. Do not over do this on the first treatment. Soaking and pumice will take several or even many treatments to make a great difference in the size of the corn or callus.

Another effective method is using a strong chemical peel like the TCA peel (trichloroacetic acid) to remove the corn or callus. A TCA peel is very effective as it will only affect the corn or callus, unlike sanding with a pumice stone which will remove skin on areas around or near the affected area. A TCA chemical peel is a controlled chemical burn which will result in the corn or callus peeling away harmlessly in a few days. Depending on the thickness of the corn or callus more than one treatment may be necessary. The TCA peel is a very effective skin treatment with many uses and is available for in home use.