How Holistic Healing Works

by : teahupoo

Where at any time does this give the body a chance to reach a balanced state? It doesn't get rid of the root problem and that is where holistic medicine comes in, it goes after the root problem and this takes time.

How holistic medicine works it that is focuses on preventing illness and maintains health, viewing health as a balance of the bodies system mental both physical and spiritual.

All of these aspects are interrelated. Holistic comes out of a term called holism which meant a state of wholeness. Any disharmony is a stress to the body and perhaps leads to illness or sickness. So to fight the dis-ease, you have a wide range of therapies that boosters the body's mechanisms. This is what happens when you take an herb.

I may be jumping ahead but to give somebody an idea of what your body's built in mechanism is about: The mouth has all the receptors that are hard wired to the brain which produces endorphins or the brain may make certain glands in the body like the thyroid, the parathyroid, pituitary, thymes, adrenals the kidneys, in women the ovaries in men the testicles these all part of our immune system and drug factory.

When you take an herb today you can even pop an herbal pill because herbs come in capsules. Well, when you pop that herbal capsule you are bypassing the main entry point.

What you do is break the capsule and sprinkle it on your tongue. The receptors on your tongue are hardwired to your brain and then it goes to all the various glands in your body. By holding that herb on your tongue your body is starting to produce endorphins.
But when you take capsule, the chemical doesn't affect the tongue or anything else, it works through your stomach, bypassing the main area that needs to be addressed first.

No, they don't teach that anymore. There is a whole line of therapy that deals with just the tongue. They taught doctors through Hippocrates until the 1900's what part of the tongue addresses what part of the body and they read your tongue.

The Chinese and in India they read your tongue and the inside of your nose and the iris of your eye. Those three points would determine what was going wrong with the person and they are dead on.

Nowadays a doctor looks at your tongue and they look for cracks or something like this they don't touch on the whole thing that is going on with your tongue. If there is one part of your tongue that is bad it is directly aligned with your liver and they need to prescribe herbs that treat your liver. Your kidneys the same thing all of these things have gone along the wayside but the truth is they are starting to come back because it will not be denied.

Look at it this way, holistically speaking when something goes wrong with somebody and they have incredible back pain, conventional medicine will prescribe Valium. Knock the puppy down so you have fatigue, lack of coordination or even your heart could stop.

Now holistic medicine we go to the root of the problem. Okay it may hurt a little but you need to do this exercise to pull back this muscle into place and while you are doing that I am going to manipulate this and slip this back into place.

It's going to hurt but it is going to work. Then you lay on the table awhile and take a nap and I am going to put a hot compress on it and I am going to give you some white willow bark which is going to work better than aspirin and guess what you are going to get up and walk out of the office feeling pretty good but you are still going to have to do these exercises and it is going to hurt for a while but you are re-patterning your body.

We are taught to take this pill to dull the pain. No, the pain is there for a reason, to tell you to make corrections. That is how your body balances itself out and when the pain is so bad you can't move then you don't but there are other things you can do while you are immobile to alleviate it that will work.