Feng Shui Lighting - The Facts

by : languagemaster

To a certain extent because of the way that it is represented in the media, feng shui is often represented as a somewhat mystical or mysterious idea that is difficult to study or to prove. However, scientific research shows that some aspects of feng shui have a measrably positive effect on attitude and mood. Traditional feng shui practices attempt to create a harmonious environment that allows its occupants to remain happy and relaxed, and studies show that at least some feng shui techniques are definitely more science-fact than science fiction.

Some of the most effective feng shui rules with a scientific basis for their success have concern lighting, and there is every indication that using feng shui techniques as a method of lighting your home will prove to be a wise decision. If the illue alludes to whether lighting your home according to feng shui principles will improve your quality of life, the answer is an incontrovertible yes. According to the scientific body of knowledge we have accumulated on the subject of lighting and emotion, feng shui offers a reasonable and viable method for improving one's mood by creating a calming atmosphere by means of light.

Feng shui aims to assist you in creating a balanced, harmonious atmosphere, and an important part of achieving that goal is finding lighting solutions that provide visibility without being garish or unpleasantly bright. Because of this, feng shui exponents often recommend including multiple sources of soft light rather than a single source of strong, bright light. Science supports this, showing us that having multiple light sources in a room allows the eye to see depth and contour more easily, which means optimum visibility. The lighting arrangements that feng shui suggest mimic the naturally multi-sourced light found in the outdoors, which is the kind of lighting situation that humans have evolved to see best in.

When we can see everything in our space, we are more likely to be calm and relaxed for a very simple reason that has its roots in out evolution. Although few people in the modern world are consciously afraid of being attacked by a lion or other fierce marauder, our brains are hard-wired to protect us by searching for predators. When there are no blind spots or dark areas nearby, we can be certain that there are no dangerous predators hidden in the vicinity. When you light a room according to the principles, you have the optimum lighting situation to lead to ease and therefore relaxation.

Traditional feng shui dictates that it is important to use a series of soft lights in different areas of the room in order to allow the unhampered flow of positive energy throughout the space. There is no way for science to evaluate whether this goal is achieved or not, but research can tell us that the lighting situation feng shui creates allows for maximum visibility, which in turn promotes relaxation, calm and happiness.