What are External and Internal Hemorrhoids?

by : yeastion@gmail.com

Think of hemorrhoids and you will immediately associate it with some kind of a scary and painful ailment. Hemorrhoids and piles are some of the variants of the name hemorrhoids that are used by people for searching tits and bits of information about the disease, its origin and indications, cures or therapies.

No matter by whatever names you call it, hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids (the same disease) is affecting millions of people across the world each day. A recent research has revealed that roughly 40% to 55% of the people above 49 years of age fall victims to hemorrhoids. However, the young people may not be the victims of hemorrhoids problem. In other words, the possibility of them getting this problem is very less. Another interesting and proven fact of hemorrhoid is that, males suffer from this disease more than females. As far as females are concerned, hemorrhoids affect them especially when they are pregnant.

The truth is that hemorrhoids are present in all human beings; however, it would be a healthy. Moreover, it is common to have them. But when things get enlarged and swollen and causes irritation and discomfort do we say that the person is suffering from hemorrhoids.

It is the enlargement of the glands in the rectum or around your anal area that is referred to as hemorrhoids. It leads to the disturbance of the different tissues, arteries, fibers and the muscles containing blood vessels to the rectum and the anal canal.

The best and common indication for hemorrhoids is blood loss or bleeding. You would find that the blood you see during hemorrhoids’ bleeding is not the typical dark red but bright red. Bleeding takes place because of the presence of the arterial blood in the anal area.

Internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids are the two broad classifications of hemorrhoids. This can be further sub-divided into two parts - thrombosed hemorrhoids and prolapsed Hemorrhoids.

When the hemorrhoid comes out of the anus and thus becomes visible it is referred to as external hemorrhoids. External hemorrhoids are usually identified because of bleeding and the itching sensation.

Internal hemorrhoids on the other hand are found inside the rectum and it is needless to say, that since there are no symptoms from the outside, they are harder to identify. You cannot be even feeling them. The only way to get a hint is from the blood that may come out with the passing stool.

A blood clot present in the anal area due to a rupture is referred to as the thrombosed hemorrhoids. Thrombosed hemorrhoids are caused from external and not the internal type hemorrhoids. And when the condition of the internal hemorrhoids reaches the final stage and that is prolapsed hemorrhoids.