Caffeine Addiction In People - Are You Aware Of Ill Effect

by : rsbombard

The drug caffeine is found in routinely used substances like tea, cola, chocolate and medicines. Are you aware of ill effects of your favorite drinks. Who would have imagined that coffee, a regular morning drink, can have a detrimental effect on our health? We easily get hooked up to the cup of tea or coffee both at home and office as it invigorates us to such an extent that gradually our dependence on them begins to take toll on our health. It acts as an energy booster in case of fatigue occurring by excess physical or mental work. Hence we forget to keep tab on our daily intake and end up being victims of the addiction. Also serving of these drinks to clients at workplace and relatives who have dropped in for a visit at home is a common trend. Hence to please others, we end up consuming more than required.

Caffeine acts by stimulating the adrenal glands which has a peak activity during the day time. Hence the initial intake produces freshness and relieves all aches. But gradually when the consumption is increased it over works the adrenal glands producing chronic fatigue and low spiritedness.

Are you inclined to kick off caffeine addiction?
Caffeine has many ill effects and getting over the addiction is easily said than done. Unlike other addictions which produce many complications the de addiction in case of caffeine dependent patients is not a difficult task. But the tendency to revert back to the addiction is great because the addict feels that a small dose will not be harmful. Hence the knowledge of the long term effects of caffeine intake might act as an eye opener for such fickle minded patients.

The withdrawal symptoms of excess caffeine intake
The withdrawal symptoms may vary from person to person depending upon their tolerance and intake. A person taking three to four cups of coffee (250-500 mg) per day will exhibit caffeine withdrawal symptoms while trying to kick the habit.

The person may suffer from a range of symptoms like mild headache, fatigue, intense craving for the caffeine, constipation, increased perspiration etc. At the mental plane due to the hyperactivity of nerves a sensation of anxiety and sleeplessness ensues.

The discomfort due to weaning away from the drug lasts for two to three days if the person has properly abstained. The end result of being free of symptoms is worth better than the pain suffered. Lift the mantle; say no to drugs.