Why Asthma Medication Will Help You Lead A Productive Life

by : 60capp11

Asthma medication comes in many forms however, the two types of treatments which are best known fall under the category of quick relief medicines and asthma control medication. If you are an asthma sufferer, then you'll need to be careful about which type of treatment you pursue and you should only use the one that best suits you.

How will you know which asthma medication is right for you? By visiting your doctor and undergoing an evaluation which will determine how severe your condition is. Your doctor will assess your asthma and then follow a course of treatment best suited to your needs.

What Is Controlled Asthma Medication?

In a nutshell, controlled treatment is designed to limit or keep in check lung inflammation. The aim is to promote better and easier breathing and at the same time, limit the number of attacks. Inhalers are a common method of dispensing this type of treatment however, it is also available in pill formation. Inhalers have beed described as an asthma sufferers "guardian angel" and have been a wonderful innovation in the limitation of asthma attack.

Asthma Quick Relief Medication

As the name implies, quick relief asthma medicine is generally only used during an attack. In many emergency cases, quick relief medicine has been very effective in controlling the severity of an attack and providing a stabilising influence to an attack victim. While it has an important role in the treatment of asthma, it is not a daily use medicine. Medicines such as Albuterol and Prednisone are part of the quick relief group and like controller medication, is dispensed via inhalers and pills. It also is available in liquid formation.

Taking it a step further, your doctor may prescribe a combination of controller and quick relief medication. Advancements in inhaler use has seen sufferers able to control the quantity of medicine dispensed in fact, the appropriate amount can be delivered depending on the level of attack a person may be experiencing.

Is There Danger In Using Asthma Medication?

There is danger in using any type of medication if the amount consumed is abused. With asthma treatment, even when used in safe quantities it can cause some side effects. However, these are not life threatening with the most common side effects reported include headaches, sore throats and wayward voice control. If you are concerned about the possible effects or are experiencing any then talk to your doctor about them.

Let's face it, without asthma medication a sufferers quality of life would be greatly dimished. It has allowed people to not only live safer lives but has also given them the ability to participate in sports. While chronic sufferers may struggle to take part in activities such as sport, the majority have welcomed the availability of asthma medicine and are leading normal, productive lives.