A Shopping List For Your IBS Symptoms

by : skleong

If you have IBS symptoms, then this calls for careful planning of your grocery shopping every week. Just in case you are wondering if this means that there is hardly anything you can buy as you now have to keep to a restrictive diet, it is not really as bad as it sounds.

There are plenty of food substitutions that you can use for most IBS triggers. For instance, you may consider replacing beef with fish for easier digestion. Eggs or dairy may worsen your condition. So you can buy soy products instead. Coffee and alcohol may be items that you should no longer buy.

When shopping, it is best to use your common sense and not buy the foods than to have painful and uncomfortable consequences later. For many IBS sufferers, just managing their diet alone can help keep IBS symptoms at bay.

Do not forget about adding high fiber products to your diet. Many different breads, grains, fruits, and vegetables are full of fiber. If you do not regularly eat high-fiber foods then you can take a fiber supplement. However, if you are having diarrhea symptoms, then you should reduce your fiber consumption. You will need to balance and manage your fiber intake accordingly. Since fiber is beneficial for the entire family, do ensure that you buy enough of these items.

Your meals after preparation can also be just as delicious. There are plenty of recipes especially for IBS sufferers that are available on the internet or in the bookstore. These recipes list ingredients that are not known to cause IBS symptoms. Remember to include these ingredients in your shopping list.

Teas can help relieve your IBS symptoms as well. The two most common teas used for soothing digestive disorders are peppermint and fennel tea. These are both very effective for stomach pain and spasms. They also help with relaxation, which is a great benefit for IBS sufferers. These teas can be purchased in bag form or as loose tea leaves. Drink the tea at least once or twice every day.

You should draw up a grocery list that gives your IBS symptoms high consideration. It is not that you have to stop eating tasty and delicious food but you do have to use some good sense. It may seem like a big adjustment especially if you are used to instant foods and with little fiber. But careful diet planning will be worth your while if it can help you cope with your symptoms better.