Facts About Adenosine Monophosphate (AMP)

by : mter9248

Are you aware that your body produces adenosine monophosphate (AMP)? If not, then you should be aware of that. In fact, adenosine monophosphate is a substance that is produced by our body in every minute of the day as part of the metabolic process. With that fact, many people think of it as a byproduct of their bodys attempt to make energy from the foods that they intake everyday.

The adenosine monophosphate has several benefits or advantages. Specifically, the adenosine monophosphate is applied to help limit the serious nerve related pain, which is scientifically known as post-herpetic neuralgia or PHN. This pain sometimes tags on a short period of shingles, which is a skin rash that is caused by the herpes zoster virus.

In relation to that, it seemed understandable that those people who acquire persistent shingles-related pain may have low concentrations of the adenosine monophosphate in their systems. And so adenosine monophosphate is used to treat this pain by means of intramuscular injections for it promotes faster clearance of the herpes zoster virus, which then results to a faster from PHN pain.

Adenosine monophosphate injections are greatly considered by most nutritionally oriented doctors as worthwhile tactic for fast relief and to remedy the post-herpetic neuralgia, particularly in instances in which unremitting pain occur. It is as well considered that a special gel form is formed for the doctor administered shots.

However, after all those facts, there are certain reports which mentioned that it is still not vivid that adenosine monophosphate supplements that are taken orally will have any effect on shingles pain. And aside from treating shingles, this supplement is also used to treat photosensitivity or extreme sensitivity to light, yet still more research study is need before forming any recommendations for this treatment.

For those who are interested to purchase the supplement, just note that AMP is now sold in an injectable form at a 25 mg/ml concentration. In applying the adenosine monophosphate the doctor draws up two syringes, each of those containing 2 mg of the AMO solution, and then injects the contents into the muscles of each upper arm. Just be aware that the solution must not be injected into the area of the shingles lesions. In addition, the physician makes these injections every other day for a total of 10 treatments.

In relation to the above mentioned facts, it is also noted that the AMP can also be made intravenously by a physician, by mixing it with a 150 ml of saline and then slowly permitted to drip into the system.

And for the application of the adenosine monophosphate one should be aware that only the doctors who are familiar with the application of the supplement should provide the patient with these injections. And in terms of the intramuscular injections of the supplement, most of the people develop chest pain because of the tightening of the muscles of the chest wall, so this reaction can commonly be avoided by means of spacing the two injections 30 minutes apart. That is how the AMP should be applied.