About the Alzheimers Association

by : RHendersen

Alzheimer's is one of the most painful diseases in the world today. Not because it's painful in a physical sense, but because it's so difficult for both victims and family members of victims to slowly watch their loved ones disappear before their very eyes. Alzheimer's is a disease that robs the mind of memory to the point where a victim no longer recognizes their spouse, children or grandchildren. Friends and events are slowly lost and replaced by confusion and fear. The Alzheimer's Association is a leader in the search for answers about Alzheimer's, the disease process, and how to prevent, treat, and someday, possibly even cure the disease.

The Alzheimer's Association states that its main goal is to drive forward and fund research that may someday find a cure to the dreaded disease process that can take anywhere from two to twenty years to wreak havoc on victims. The association also has a huge online presence with an in depth, user friendly website that provides a wealth of information on the disease, the disease process and how family members can deal with the certain stages of Alzheimer's as the disease progresses. The Alzheimer's Association also offers a telephone hot line for support and information in over one hundred different languages.

At the community level, the Alzheimer's Association supports local chapters that provide help and support to community members, including emotional support, information, and safety services available for family members. Their online support system allows people from all over the country, and the world, to talk to each other, to share, and to offer help and support.

The Alzheimer's Association also offers what they call a Safe Return program that provides services for enrolled members, to help monitor and protect anyone who wanders away from home or a facility. Every year, the Alzheimer's Association funds an event called Memory Walk as their major fundraising event. Millions of participants raise literally millions of dollars to help fund the Alzheimer's Association education fund and to help provide support services to millions of people worldwide.

The Alzheimer's Association was founded in 1980. Starting with only seven chapters in San Francisco, Seattle, New York City, Pittsburgh, Boston, Minneapolis and Columbus, the Alzheimer's Association today has a presence in nearly every city in the United States and in many countries throughout the world. It has consistently been a leader in the advancement of research to find a cure for Alzheimer's disease and to provide unequaled support and education for family members dealing with the disease in a loved one.

Alzheimer's is difficult enough to deal with, but with education and support, families around the world learn not only to recognize the signs of Alzheimer's, but also to help give their loved ones the support and understanding they need during such a devastating crisis. The Alzheimer's Association is dedicated to being there for anyone in need, whether it's someone who's just been diagnosed with the disease or the family members left behind to pick up the pieces. No one should go through such an emotional, traumatic event by him or herself, and the Alzheimer's Association makes sure that you don't have to.