Using Herbs for Asthma Treatment

by : yuushoji

In addition to the most common treatments for asthma, there are other means of controlling the symptoms that are not the regular, conventional means. Many asthma patients rely on unconventional treatment means as to not have to endure any possible side effects of medicine that could pose more harm than good.

The asthma patient can achieve a full life and experience all that they can, despite the fact that they suffer from a debilitating and non-curable disease. Asthma can really take a toll on a patient. Asthma is the condition of inflammation and constriction of airways in the bronchial tubes and respiratory system. With recent discoveries underway, many patients have found that herbs have found their way into a possible treatment plan for people with asthma.

Though the asthma patient cannot reach a full recovery with their disease, they can achieve a sense of balance and relief by implementing the appropriate treatments. Using herbs for asthma is one treatment that may continue to progress and provide relief.

It is important, however, that if the patient decides to use herbs for asthma treatment, that they should not overestimate the ability of the herbs for asthma. In some cases, herbs for asthma may not work. The treatment may fail and the asthma patient should and must discuss all possible risks and side effects with their physician. The asthma patient must always have a backup plan in case using herbs for asthma does not work as effectively for them as they may have initially desired.

The Basics of Herbal Asthma Treatment

In the cultural climate of Chinese Herbalists, many experiments have been done to investigate the effects of herbs for asthma treatment. One of the herbs that they have done testing with is called Ephedra Sinica. In modern day tests, this herb for asthma has been highly valued because of its ability to treat the disease. Another herb, called Ma Huang, had the substance, Ephedrine, extracted from it in order to create a pharmaceutical for the treatment. Experts believe that this particular herb for asthma helps to alleviate the breathing difficulty in the asthma sufferer.

Licorice Root has also been proven as an effective herb for asthma treatment. Licorice Root has been evaluated in the treatment of asthma and scientists have discovered that it assists in defeating the inflammation that constricts the airways in the asthma patient. This is the most highly rated herb for asthma today as a result of its healing properties.

Many other herbs for asthma treatment have been evaluated for properties that help the asthma sufferer. Some of these herbs for asthma treatment include; seed of lobelia, marshmallow root, garlics and onions and other remedies on the holistic front.

Once again, an asthma treatment is only as effective as the planning and effort put into it. If the patient decides that they would like to experiment with various herbs for asthma treatment, they should discuss this treatment method with their physician or another medical specialist. They should understand that not everyone succeeds with this form of asthma treatment and should have a backup plan in case using herbs for asthma doesn't work for them.