Prevent Eating Disorders With 5 Great Ways

by : skleong

Eating disorders pose a special challenge for physicians and psychologists because they are complex disorders with a number of possible causes. One potential factor leading to the development of eating disorders that many psychologists have identified has to do with body image. The better you perceive your body to be, the better will be your overall mental and physical health.

A poor perception of your body, on the other hand, can lead to the development of eating isorders. Thus, many psychologists believe that simply cultivating a positive body image can sometimes prevent the onset of some eating disorders. Here are a few ideas on how you can enhance the body image of yourself:

1. Be grateful for your body. One way to do this is list down all the things that your body allows you to do, no matter how small the task is. For example, write down how your body lets you walk the dog, play with the kids, garden, or dance. If you think about the less fortunate or handicapped people out there, I am pretty sure that you will find yourself blessed with a well functioning body.

Also do not overlook the amazing nature of your body. For instance, did you know that your body is constantly renewing itself? New cells are born every other day. Every five days, your stomach lining is renewed, your liver renews itself six weeks or so, and your skin cells are renewed on a monthly basis. Gaining respect for your body by putting things in perspective can greatly help you to prevent eating disorders.

2. Engage in an exercise program that you truly enjoy. By doing so, you not only lose weight and become more healthy but also generally like how you are spending your time. Exercising is no longer some punishing regime or harsh programs that you undertake for achieving the perfect body shape. Get your loved ones to join in or make some new friends.

3. Make a list of all the people in your life that you admire and why you look up to them. After you have completed your list, ask yourself if the people on this list are there because of the way they look. Or rather, did they make it to the list because they have certain qualities that make a difference to your life and others? Very often, you will find that the people you admire have nothing to do with what their body shape is. You will soon realise that while body shape is important, it is not the be all or end all of everything. Making this list will help you prevent eating disorders from developing.

4. Make it your goal to be positive and confident, even if you have to fake it initially. Although you may not feel all that great about how your body looks, you should still try to cultivate a sense of inner confidence. Walk with your head held high, your back straight, and make a choice to feel confident. Positive thinking can only have a positive effect on your sense of well being. Also identify what it is that makes you feel good. With greater self esteem, you are in a better position to prevent eating disorders.

5. Love yourself. Once you love yourself more, you will do what is best for yourself. That includes having balanced diet and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. You will not need to feel as if you need to be stick thin to be accepted or to be considered of good shape. Do not belittle all the things that you are doing for others. Love every bit of what makes up you.