Ways To Handle Your Depression Because Of Arthritis

by : skleong

Depression because of arthritis is a fairly common complaint. If you have arthrits, it is easy to fall into a state of depression. Arthritis is a disorder that causes pain, stiffness and swelling in or around joints. Because of arthrtis around the joints, it is possible that you will find it difficult to even perform very simple tasks. These tasks may include even buttoning up your shirt, brushing your teeth or combing your hair. Thus, you feel incapable and highly reliant on your loved ones for help.

Moreover, the disease can be long lasting. This means that you can be having pains for an extended period of time, with no signs of recovery to having painless joints.

The degree of depression varies with the intensity of pain and physical suffering. However, those of you who are suffering from this chronic disease should not be ashamed of depression associated with arthritis. It is a normal part of living with the disease. The good news is that the depression because of arthritis is one of the most treatable of all health problems.

Things you can do yourself

There are various things, which you can do on your own to handle depression because of arthritis. For example, socializing can be a great depression-buster. Instead of isolating yourself, you should spend time with your family and close friends. Just being around with other people will distract your mind from the depressing thoughts.

Joining a focus group of arthritis sufferers may also help. The thought that you are not the only one in the world suffering from this disease and being able to share about your depression may just be what you need.

Try to surround yourself with things that make you feel happy. Have a positive attitude. Burn a scented candle, put some flowers in a vase and just enjoy.

Another potent mood-lifter is exercise. Start with mild exercises and try to become more physically active. The more inactive you are physically and mentally, the worse depression gets.

Seeking Advice from a Good Pyschotherapist

Sometimes, despite all your efforts to alleviate your depression due to arthritis, you may find yourself feeling worse. In that case, seek the help of a professional.

A good pyschotherapist is well trained to help you out from your depression. They may prescribe some anti-depressants and other suitable medication. At times, they may also like to try some alternative therapies to see if these will help alleviate the pain.

However, you must be careful while choosing your therapist for your depression because of arthritis. Make sure he or she is understanding and caring, and that you feel comfortable with him or her.

While depression because of arthritis is pretty common, you can do many things to help yourself out from it. There is no need to suffer more needlessly. Learning to laugh and relax can help alleviate much of the pain and suffering that you feel. Most importantly, learn to be gentle with yourself. Depression because of arthritis is very treatable with some help and support and if you put your mind to it.