Lower Back Pain Is More Common Than Most People Think

by : susan

I like many other people have suffered from lower back pain. Mine was attributed to the kind of work I used to do. This included lots of bending and lifting. It also happened over a lenght of time and not just through one thing. When my back first started to play up, it surprised me because I couldn't put it down to just one thing. I soon realised it was because of doing things incorrectly and repeatedly.

Unfortunately once you have hurt your back it will never be the same again. However, in saying this it does not mean you cannot get full use back. Apart from having medication and rest in the beginning you must change your old habits. These include sitting correctly instead of hunched over, getting up from the desk and taking a break more often. Learn to do particular exercises and stretches and do them every day. This is very important.

Get some really good walking shoes and start walking. Being fit and healthy also helps. Having a strong stomach will also help your back. Doing all these things will indeed help you recover quickly and if you are someone fortunate enough not to have lower back pain then you still need to do these to prevent it from happening. Prevention is the best cure!

Other reasons why your back may be a problem can be that your bed is not firm enough or your couch is not firm enough. Take a good look at these and change then if they need to be changed. Learn the correct techniques for lifting and always ask for help if you can instead of lifting all by yourself.

Another important thing to remember to do if you hurt your back is to seek advice straight away. Do not sit there and say "I'll be ok" because you will probably get worse. Often when we hurt our back we will stiffen up and then we get more pain that ends up travelling to other parts of our body. It needs to be attended to straight away so you get faster results.

You can go to the doctors, physiotherapist or chiropractor. Your personal choice really. I don't go to any of them anymore as I exercise and try to do things correctly and if I do get lower back pain I know all the things to do to ease and mend it quickly.

It doesn't cost anything to do exercises at home or to sit correctly and even in the car or lounge room you can help by rolling a towel for example to be placed as a lumbar support at the base of your spine. This will help you sit correctly in seats that do not offer good support.

Obviously there will be people who have done major damage to their backs and do need surgery and other help from doctors but generally the average person who suffers from lower back pain can maintain their backs all by themselves.