Identifying Menopause Symptoms

by : 60capp11

Menopause is a part of the aging process for women. It basically means the end of menstruation and occurs mostly in women aged between 42 and 58. The effects of menopause vary from woman to woman. Some women may have to bear with the physical effects while others will go through a mental and emotional roller coaster. An unlucky few may have to suffer both whereas some will be fortunate enough to not have to experience either.

Menopause is often characterized by certain physical symptoms. Some of these symptoms are include
I.Longer menstrual periods... If a woman usually has a short menstrual period of, say, 4 days and it starts lasting longer than 4 days, it could be a sign that she is approaching menopause. So, do not get alarmed if you have longer periods and are in your late 40s, as this is only a symptom of menopause.
II. Heavier menstrual flow... If you notice that your menstrual flow is now heavier than before and you are in good health otherwise, then this could be another sign that you are approaching menopause.
III. Spotting... Spotting is when small amounts of blood appear at the time when you are normally menstruating. In such a case, if you are not pregnant, then it could well be another menopausal symptom.
IV.Irregular menstrual periods... Another good sign of a woman approaching menopause is irregularity of menstrual periods when she does not have any other physical problems.
V.Loss of sex drive... As women approach menopause, the estrogen levels in their body begin to fall. This makes the vaginal walls less elastic and thinner which eventually leads to pain and discomfort during sex. So the loss of desire to have sex in women approaching menopause occurs because they simply do not enjoy sex the way they used to. So lack of interest in sex is also a symptom of menopause.

Apart from the physical symptoms mentioned above, women go through a wide range of emotions when approaching menopause. The initial stages are characterized by mood swings. At this time, women suffer from a drop in self esteem. They may feel that they have no identity or may feel unwanted and unattractive. Some women go through extreme mood swings causing them to go from being inconsolably depressed to being irrational and irritated. For many, it is hard to accept the fact that they can no longer give birth.

A lot of women also worry that they have lost their allure and feminism. Wondering whether they are still attractive to members of the opposite sex, whether it is their partners,or whether their children are noticing their sudden change in behavior and trying to figure out what went wrong? It is during this period that women try see themselves from the perspective of those that matter to them and begin to wonder if menopause affects the love that they receive from those near and dear. Of course, this is untrue and it would be evident from the adjustments made by your family members to make you feel loved and cared for.

Menopause is inevitable for all women and the best way to tackle it is to simply accept it as another chapter in life and find ways to make it as smooth a journey as possible.