Eczema Can Trigger Your Depression

by : limevelyn

Many people mistakenly dismiss eczema as a minor inconvenience or irritation. After all, eczema can hardly be said to be a life threatening disease or illness. These people do not fully understand that eczema can affect the normal functioning of a person. It is not just the physical appearance and mere discomfort of itchy skin. Eczema can cause pain due to bleeding and intense irritation. If you are one of those that suffer from moderate to severe eczema, you may feel depressed by reactions of the people around and by your own feelings of insecurity.

In 2004 the National Eczema Society as well as a series of global patient support groups backed a study. This study was the most comprehensive study of its kind ever conducted anywhere in the world. The study, called ISOLATE (International Study Of Life with Atopic Eczema), examined the emotional and psychological cost of living with atopic eczema. Atopic Eczema is the most widespread type of eczema.

Two thousand people from eight different countries (France, Germany, Mexico, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, the United States and the UK) participated in the study. The participants had moderate to severe eczema skin type.

The study showed that an astounding one quarter of the people interviewed had at one point or other been teased or bullied by others because of their skin condition. Those whose eczema started in childhood and improved only slightly as they aged, carried their problems into their adulthood. Many people interviewed for the study felt that the skin condition affected their quality of life greatly.

For example many people described workplace related problems whereby they had to endure cruel comments openly or behind their backs. They had to suffer from constant stares and a lack of understanding about the disorder. Many co-workers of these individuals mistakenly believed that the eczema disease is contagious and therefore, seek to ostracize the eczema sufferer.

Besides the blatant discrimination at their place of work, one out of every seven patients interviewed firmly believed that their careers got compromised by their skin condition. Many cited problems of getting jobs not because of lack of experience, education or knowledge but because of their eczema skin conditions.

Eczema can also affect the personal life of a sufferer. Many sufferers reported that dating and even the choice not to marry came about as a result of their skin disorder. They reported feeling of insecurity and awkwardness when finding a mate and especially during times of the worst flare-ups.

Without a doubt, eczema can affect your productivity. You should take measures to address your skin disorder and seek to reduce your stress and depression levels.