Drug Rehab-A Familys Help Can Make The Difference

by : lynter

To have a drug addict in a family, can be very depressing for the members, and they may go through a number of emotionally, physically, socially, and mentally, painful situations. The ones closest to the person may feel drawn towards drug addiction, and may experience anxiety, anger, or fear and then ultimately, exultation, as the person begins dealing with the problem or begins drug rehab.

The affected members of the family may need advice and counseling, to make them aware of the best way to handle the circumstances. The most significant role of a family in the process of rehabilitation could be to show understanding and give support to the person. The positive steps taken by the loved ones at rehab must be encouraged.

There are various support groups that provide assistance to the families while dealing with the feelings such as confusion that they could be having about themselves, or the other family members. These support groups and counseling help to understand the process and educate the families on how to be a positive influence for the drug rehab treatment.

Effects on families

The problem of having drug abuse in a family can have a huge influence on the other members. There may be divorce, financial loss, communication breakdown, child abuse, negligence or accidents, stress, depression and loss of self esteem.

The members may go through a large range of emotions and, in some cases, illness related to stress during and after the drug rehab process. For instance, they may blame themselves for the addiction problem of the loved one, or may become too anxious regarding the actions and the moods of the addict. They may even stop caring for themselves, giving first priority to the needs of the addict.

Families must know that they can look for a compassionate ear, to help them let out their emotions and get encouragement and advice during the drug rehab. For example, group meetings can offer support to the families and the patients, and make them feel that there is help to be found.

Various types of groups, providing such services are:

* Multi- family groups: these groups provide the addicts and their family members the opportunity to go to large group meetings, where they can listen to other similar experiences, or simply watch movies for encouragement and support.

* Family support groups: these are groups of people who need to talk about their experiences during and after one of their family members have been to a drug rehab. However, the patient is never allowed to attend these meetings.

* Individual therapist sessions: these are for the seriously affected families and help the family members with the private healing processes. It is mostly meant for those who have been greatly affected while the patients have suffered under the influence of harsh drugs.

So what do we conclude?

Drug addiction can devastate families and leave ever-lasting scars on them. Families must offer support to the patients at the drug rehab centers, while taking care of themselves and going for counseling so that it helps with their own emotions and confusions.


Drug addiction is no doubt very devastating for the family. A person close to the addict may even try using drugs to escape from the situation. To deal with this harsh situation, the family members must seek counseling and try seeking advice that could be helpful. The families must be made aware that their support is essential during the process of drug rehab.