How To Prevent Hemorrhoids

by : teahupoo

Hemorrhoids can occur from nearly any kind of abnormal strain especially of the anus or anal area. The cause of hemorrhoids is from the small veins in the tissues becoming irritated and inflamed. One of the easiest ways to prevent hemorrhoids is to simply reduce the strain on your anal area as well as to make some lifestyle changes to further reduce the risk.

Dietary changes are one of the best things you can do including eating foods high in fiber which helps keep your digestive and elimination systems working properly and reduces constipation which is one of the big causes of hemorrhoids due to strain.

Some foods that are high in fiber include: grains, foods high in bran, fruits and vegetables. Many processed foods may be convenient but they also cause the stool to harden due to their lack of fiber. These foods will increase your risk of hemorrhoids so they should be avoided.

There are many fiber supplements you can get over the counter if you feel that trying to eat foods high in fiber is too difficult for you. These fiber supplements are available in pills as well as powders that can be mixed in water. Be sure to start easy with these as some of them can be very potent and result in severe abdominal bloating and cramping.

Another necessary habit to get into is to increase your water intake to eight 8 ounce glasses of water per day which of course is recommended to everyone. Water helps keep your entire system hydrated and water will help to keep your stool from becoming to hard and causing strain when having bowel movements.

Another habit you should get into is not forcing yourself to hold in a bowel movement which can cause strain and consequently, hemorrhoids. This is one of the major causes of stool becoming packed and hard which again results in hemorrhoids.

I know many people have their reading materials and such and will sit on the toilet for awhile just to get some alone time in, but this prolonged sitting can also give you hemorrhoids. Do what needs to be done and get out of there!
In closing, let me add that as with many other health conditions regular exercise can help to prevent hemorrhoids as well by keeping the muscles toned and strong.