Inappropriate Sexual Behavior Related with Alzheimers Disease

by : mikeherman1

Inappropriate sexual behavior in a person suffering from Alzheimer's disease can cause many problems including unwanted advances to an unwilling partner or harassing a carer.

It is often assumed that this would only happen with men but women can also be affected as well.

While there is no reason whatsoever why a loving couple can't continue a full physical relationship until quite late into the disease, as long as both parties are happy to do this, as the disabling effects of the Alzheimer's progresses sexual activity usually declines.

This can cause frustration and embarrassment as a man may wish to continue his previous relationship with his wife, but she may be reluctant to do this.

If he doesn't understand the reasons why, it could become very distressing for him.

It can lead to inappropriate sexual incidents when sexual urges are revealed at unsuitable times and places.

For example, in the later stages of the disease, the sufferer may make advances to their care givers.

This can be extremely distressing, especially if they are not used to dealing with people with this type of dementia.

The care givers themselves often need additional support to enable them to deal with inappropriate sexual behavior.

Other patients may fondle their genitals in public which can even lead to full masturbation at inappropriate times and places causing embarrassment for care givers and other observers.

Keeping the patient occupied and diverted can be a good method for distracting them from this behavior as can the selection of appropriate clothing that can lessen this unwanted activity.

Trousers for women and trousers with no fly opening for men is a dignified way of accomplishing this.

However if the sexual behavior rises to an intolerable level for everyone involved then medical help can be sought from a provider who specialises in this area.

This should naturally be viewed as a last resort as it may compromise the dignity of the patient.