Corns - A Small Hiccup On Your Feet And Hands

by : kevinp

Even though our feet and legs are very important part of our being but it is always sidelined and step motherly treatment is given in comparison to other parts of our body. But many do take care of their feet due to which it remains beautiful.

Corns can be very painful and annoying. They are toughened area of the skin which becomes very thick and does not have any sensation even with the continuous pressure. It does not have any life threatening qualities but just an infection which can be caused by wearing the wrong kind of shoe.

It can be found on top of the toes and fingers and even on your palms which becomes very thick. Most of these problems can be caused by the shoes one wears. If the shoes are uncomfortable then the skin in the need to protect itself builds up corns and calluses which is hardened and very thick layer of skin.

If you are already facing health conditions then these corns could cause problems to you. A diabetes patient would face some problems if corns surfaces on their hand or feet. The circulation of blood is less which causes more problems. There may be chances of complications which can be avoided.

It cannot be treated that easily and they appear tender in the middle and then it is surrounded by yellowish dead skin. If you take proper care of your feet then you won't be facing many problems. Squeezing your shoes in small shoes can cause pressure to your feet. High heeled shoes can also cause problems. Proper socks are also important.