Diarrhoea - Drainage Of Your Nutrients

by : kevinp

Diarrhoea is passage of loose stools on a regular basis. This is mainly caused by a virus or bacteria and can be acute or chronic depending upon the days it is been troubling you. It can last for three to four days and sometimes take more than three weeks.

The reasons of diarrhoea are many and at one point we have all been part of this ordeal, may be in our younger days or on later stages of our life. This can be called as the killer disease in most of the developing countries due to high rate of death among infants.

Some of the common symptoms seen when you are suffering from diarrhoea are stomach pains, vomiting and feeling of uneasiness, contaminated drinking water, undercooked meals and low maintenance of hygiene which is the root cause of bacteria and many other diseases. The loss of nutrients in this manner may lead to dehydration and it can also be life-threatening. Such kind of symptoms can also be sign of more serious illnesses like dysentery, cholera and many more which can cause severe damage to your body.

As children and infants are the ones who are most affected by this disease, so special care should be taken to avoid further damage. If the infants are breast fed they would be able to fight the diseases with perfection as breastfeeding is high on all the valid nutrients. If it not an infant then try avoiding the dehydration by providing essential liquid which is being lost during this process.

Have good amount of liquid diet till the time your urine become light yellow in color. Have something which is good mixture of salt and sugar to keep your nutrients in check. Have food which has maintained all levels of hygiene. It can easily be treated at home and if need be you can consult your doctor which would provide you with antibiotics.