Very Helpful Tips to Tackle Baby Acne

by : Lesley Lyon

Baby, the word itself gives a lot of happiness, dream, pleasure etc. no words to explain, especially for a woman it is a precious gift and for the family too. Mother is a person who spends lot of time with the baby, caring it very well by observing each and every bodily and behavioral activity. In rare case it must be a surprise for the mother to notice that their baby breaks out in little red pimples, which mostly occurs around 4 weeks of age. This state is known as Baby Acne. This might puzzle the mother because on some occasions the pimples can appear strongly and then seem to disappear. Baby Acne is very common and usually it appears on the cheeks and sometimes on the forehead, chin and even on the back.

Baby acne has some common symptoms. In most cases, the acne first becomes visible to be a rash like small pimples which appears to be red. Occasionally, small whiteheads might be surrounded by reddish skin. They can become more prominent when your baby is hot or overheated or if his skin is irritated. Young mothers must reconcile themselves, because baby acne will disappear soon and they must not be over concerned about that. Baby acne is a very common condition that affects a large number of babies.

Generally baby Acne can be seen in newborns in the age group of four weeks to six months. Physician opinion on baby acne is that it happens at the time of giving birth and a short period of time before that, the mother's hormone's are allowed to pass through the placenta to the baby, which arouse some last minute physical development in the baby's body. This development leads to increasing the size of the lungs in order to prepare them for breathing air, this also stimulate oil production in the baby's skin, which will lead to baby acne if the level of oil increases in the baby's skin.

Baby Acne usually clears within a short period of time say, a few weeks and rather if it continues for more than three months, then you must consult a pediatrician. In most cases a pediatrician assess the severity of the baby's acne and recommends a gentle medication. Physicians generally recommend to the parents to wash their baby's face daily with water or sometimes gently with mild baby soap. As vigorous washing and scrubbing will irritate baby's skin, just cleanse the face once or twice a day. Applying creams, oils etc will make the acne worse. Being a mother the appearance of acne on the baby may bother you, but it will least affect the baby. So patience is the best course of action.