Severe Body Acne , How To Clear It Up

by : sheehan

Some people can imagine those red spots on their body that mar the show when they go out for a night on the town. No one wishes to display a skin full of repulsive pimples in that skimpy outfit. Body acne? How to clear it up? You will find answers to this question right here and right now.

Having body acne is so very painful. If you get affected with body acne then you would know how difficult it is to endure the suffering. And it is not just the agony but also the accompanying low self-esteem that rips you apart. All those suffering from body acne are in a state of despair and despondency. It smothers your confidence and leaves you nowhere.

Hormone imbalances or over-activity, perspiration, oil, synthetic fabrics and not to mention tight-fitting clothing can be good enough reasons for the eruption of body acne. It is quite common amongst adults and teens and the areas usually affected are back, chest and buttocks.

Healing techniques
You can heal body acne the same way you deal with facial acne. It is important that you wash you body with a salicylic-acid-based cleanser. You cannot stop from perspiring but what you can do is to shower as soon as possible after perspiring.

A benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid pad should be used to wipe off your body. And once that is done an alpha hydroxy acid-based body moisturizer is required. Again, have a salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide spot treatment on respective pimples at nighttime.

May be OTC bactericidal products having Benzoyl peroxide is what your problem skin needs. All you need to do is apply benzoyl peroxide in form of gel or cream on the trouble area twice daily. Moreover, topical antibiotics like erythromycin, clindamycin, Stiemycin or tetracycline can kill the bacteria in those blocked follicles and liberate you from acne.

In addition, oral antibiotics together with erythromycin or one of the tetracycline antibiotics fights acne well. The biggest shortcomings of these treatments are that acne can reoccur within days in respect of topical applications and weeks as regards oral antibiotics.

Phototherapy is a popular treatment in the recent past. Here, visible light has been productively taken up to mend acne. The results of this treatment is simply staggering. And the best part is that unlike other treatments there are no side effects in the coming.
You will not have to wait for long to salvage that extra bit of confidence that was once lost.