Tips On How To Live With Diabetes

by : limkhim

If you have diabetes, you know that caring for your health is very important. It may be overwhelming at first to learn to control your diabetes, but adding this to your schedule can have big rewards. A few of the keys to controlling your blood sugar levels are taking your medicine at the same time every day, checking your feet, and exercising regularly, but there are other facets to maintaining your health too. Here are a few tips to help you with living with diabetes.

1. Checking your blood glucose levels regularly is the most important thing that you can do to preserve your health. Keeping tabs on your sugar level will help you to prevent complications from your diabetes. Your blood glucose levels should be below 120 mg/dl before meals and 180 mg/dl after meals for proper control.

2. If your doctor has prescribed medications, you need to take them as they have directed. Take them at the same time each day and try to take them close to your regular meal times.

3. It is important that you drink at least 64 ounces of water every day. You can count any drink that is free of caffeine in your total for the day, too. Alcohol and drinks with caffeine need to be consumed in moderation or not at all.

4. A good and varied diet can make a difference in your health. You want to ensure that your diet includes fresh vegetables, carbs, fats (good fats), and some lean protein. This diet will help your diabetes as well as help decrease your risk of cardiovascular disease and other diseases.

5. Take a multivitamin every day. Make sure that your vitamin includes betacarotenoids, zinc, selenium, and antioxidants.

6. If you have diabetes, you need to take good care of your feet. Wear shoes and socks that fit your feet well. While it may seem that this would not be a big problem, it can become one if there are sores on your feet that become infected. Check your feet after you bathe and before you go to sleep at night. Check the soles of your feet using a mirror. Never use lotion between your toes. If you have a sore on your feet that does not seem to be healing, you need to see your doctor. Dry between your toes thoroughly and make sure that you wash your feet carefully.

7. Gum disease can be prevented with brushing and flossing your teeth. Diabetic patients are at a higher risk of gum disease, so take care to help prevent it. Cardiovascular disease and high cholesterol are also connected to gum disease.

8. Sleep well. Sleeping seven to eight hours a night can make a difference in your diabetes. Go to bed and wake up at a regular time everyday.

9. Exercise. Exercise. EXERCISE. Moving your body helps you relieve stress, reduce blood sugar levels, and will help prevent depression. So get moving by taking a walk, playing golf, or even walking in place during commercials. No matter how slow you walk, you will still get some health benefits. The key is to get vertical and moving.

10. Learn more about diabetes. Research is key in learning to live with your diabetes. Do not be afraid to ask questions. By following these ten tips, you will be on your way to living with your diabetes and not being controlled by it!