Its time to refinance your adjustable rate mortgage

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For the past few years refinance fever has been struggling with a strong desire to get the lowest possible rate in a downturn environment. Many homeowners chose an adjustable rate mortgage so as to continue enjoying lower rates even in the near future.

But the times changed for the worse and there was an unprecedented change and negative turn in both the refinance and real estate market in the last one or two years. People were put to most awkward and vulnerable positions as rates started rising and the ratio of people losing their homes started rising equally. Such situations lead to the way of refinancing an adjustable rate mortgage to a fixed rate mortgage.

Before applying for a mortgage any individual must go through all the available programs and their corresponding interest rates.

Fixed rate mortgages are the ones on which the interest rates remains fixed throughout the term of the loan, whereas in adjustable rate mortgage the interest rate fluctuates after remaining fixed for a certain period depending upon the market situations.

Here the question arises as to make the mortgage beneficial during the downturn in refinance and real estate market. It.s like the math of converting from apples to oranges. Fixed rate mortgages come at a premium to adjustable rate because of their perceived stability. The interest rates may vary from time to time and from bank to the lenders but one should be wise enough to check out all the programs offered by the bank to which the loan has to be ultimately submitted. Moreover the 30 year fixed rate mortgage comes with an interest-only option as well so one can take advantage of flexible payment options along with the stability of a fixed program. If you want to ensure yourself the predictability and security of paying the same interest for the life of the loan a fixed rate mortgage is a great choice.

Along with the lower rate a person is rest assured and has a peace of mind in knowing that your interest rate is not going to change for the entire life of the loan irrespective of increase in rates. Moreover homeowners who are not interested in holding a property for long term should consider a fixed rate mortgage as it certainly price lower than an ARM and could prove to be a adversity avoiding helper if you have trouble selling a property.

With a downturn in refinance industry people have experienced rates as high as 8-10% and in such situations ARM for which the interest rates have moved up substantially may become unmanageable if the rates were to move up further. Thus people want to hedge their financial position better by locking in a long term fixed rate mortgage and to save themselves from drowning in the long flowing interest river.