Access Credit For Your Small Business

by : homebusinessreview

OPEN is known as the small-business team, and when it comes to applying for credit cards for your small business, OPEN is committed to providing the best service with the least complications possible. The Platinum Business Card from OPEN is an important first step in growing your small business.

In any small business, it is imperative to maintain a cash flow. Sometimes, there simply are not enough funds in the bank in order to undertake that latest project. That latest project, however, is essential in securing more revenues for your company. So what is the ideal solution for the small business owner?

One possible answer is that you can apply for a business credit card. A business credit card is a great way to get the cash reserves you need in a timely manner for your business. Generally speaking, business credit cards will offer you a much greater line in terms of cash advances and credit than a personal bank line of credit or a personal credit card could ever offer. Quite simply, credit card companies are aware that business generates revenue, and advances paid in order to grow companies are far more likely to result in profit instead of risks.

OPEN is now offering their platinum business card to small businesses. The card is available through an easy application process, which is made even easier if you are already an American Express card holder. The forms you must fill out in order to apply for your Platinum Business Card are non-intrusive, and do not ask for a lot of personal information.

When you begin using your Platinum Business Card, you have the option of making payments to your credit or pay in full. You will be penalized for utilizing neither option. For the first 12 months that you use the card, you'll be charged a 0% APR. In addition, there is no annual fee in order to be able to use your Platinum Credit Card. You may also receive unlimited fee free additional cards, as well as all the benefits of online account management.

Additionally, people who use the OPEN's Platinum Card have the opportunity to enroll in the membership rewards program. This program combines with several other businesses, such as Hertz and AT&T in order to provide American Express use with a full range of discounted services.

The Platinum Business Card offers a $50,000 line immediately to new applicants. You'll also qualify for their full range of protection services, including insurance protection and emergency services (such as card replacement, check cashing, at hotel check-in). Finally, the Platinum Business Card offers a help line 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to answer any questions or concerns you might have.